Here are some reviews written by trainees over the years. We have
always made certain that each trainee has a voice, and we listen to their
feedback every time. This is what they have to say when asked about
their favorite aspect of the course.


“My favorite part of the class are the different stories. It keeps a lively atmosphere.”


“There was a lot of info given that I did not previously know, the instructor was knowledgeable & kept class entertaining.”


“He covered the content so that it was not repeating over and over.”


“The part I liked best about the course was the open discussion.”


“I liked the interaction with the instructor.”


“He keeps us informed with the new stuff.”


“I liked the variety of information covered.”


“Always look forward to seeing Dave each year. Great safety reviews and fantastic videos, and humor. I always feel like leaving a good friend I wont see for quite some time.”


“I like how the course is laid back and not uptight.”


“I like how Dave talks about each film in his presentations.”


“The best part of the course is just being here every year, hearing new MSHA materials, very educational.”


“My favorite part about the course is the accommodations.”


“It’s not a strict class, more relaxed and a good environment.”

“Dave makes the class fun and interesting.”


“The information was well needed and presented very well.”


“I like the experience of the instructor, his knowledge of courses and occupations.”


“I like that Dave was answering our questions and providing real world examples. He answered all of our questions and provided real world situations and solutions. I felt the class was well rounded and I couldn’t think of anything I disliked.”


“Dave always asks what our concerns are, which ends up in a very productive conversation.”


“The interaction is always good.”


“I liked the open conversations and discussions.”


“Everything explained was very clear.”


“I like the class atmosphere.”

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